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   RSS ("really simple syndication") is a better way to keep you up with updates to this, as well as any other site, that contains those orange or yellow RSS or XML buttons that you've seen.

There are two main advantages to subscribing to RSS feeds, here or anywhere.

1. Unlike with email registering, you are anonymous.

2. Unlike with bookmarks, you are notified—in your own RSS reader—when new feeds arrive. All you have to do is to check your RSS reader.

Oh, and another great advantage of RSS feeds:

Unlike anonymous email messages that keep coming at you even after you fill out and return their "Unsubscribe" message (which may actually only tell them that there is a warm body at the end of their spam), it is easy to unsubscribe, really unsubscribe, to RSS. Just delete it from your reader and it's gone, leaving nary a 'print.

To get started, first you download your own RSS reader (you can get a free one at http://www.rssreader./com), and then you're ready to subscribe.

If you don't want to download software you'll need to be registered at My Yahoo!, My Google, or My MSN to use their RSS readers. (You do need those RSS readers one way or another!)