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About this Editor

She likes quotes. Good ones anyway. I found a site that gives us, if we wish, a quote of the day (really, of the reload). I can't control them and therefore cannot vouch for them, but nevertheless, there it is and shall remain until it's gone.

And it regenerates whenver you refresh your screen. So, if you don't like the current one, go to the next. Very lively.

Back to the 'about' part. My interest, education, and expertise comprise psychology, physiology, and anatomy. I apply this knowledge to medicine—its study and its understanding, even its rendering. A smattering of Latin from afar in time vastly helps with grokking the lingo, and further medical education occurred during one incarnationNot incarceration. in x-ray school.

When at last I became capable of completing projects (and escaping a pointless job) I immersed myself in graduate school for almost a decade, emerging barely scathed but at last indisputably degreed as both a psychologistExperimental with an emphasis on physiology, meaning that I designed and conducted experiments, in my case on rats and as a biomedical illustratorOne capable of rendering by hand or computer and in a variety of formats medically-themed images.

How did I meld those two disparate realms? They're actually not so far apart. They both involve communication and science.

I have been a member of the American Medical Writers' Association since 1995, completing their core-curriculum program by the end of that old century, and in the process and e'er since working full-time and in a variety of contract jobs as a medical writer and editor.

A sampling of my projects:

A list of some of my publications is here.

I hope that, like me, you are not only interested in language, particularly in written communication, but that you can also sit and compose at keyboard, letting thoughts pour out on the—well, it's so much better than paper—no muss, no fuss, and, best of all, no trees die for it.

Second best: It prepares the ground for writing out of your mind.

Rambo and me

Contact me for advice—free advice!—on your grammar and usage questions, or for information—still free!Nah—
“Born freeee,
as free as the wind blows ...”
isn't that better?
—about my fees and services.


Doctorate in experimental psychology, cognate minor in physiology, Colorado State University, 1995
Master of Science in anatomy, specialization biomedical illustration and communication (read biomedical illustration), CSU, 1993
Member American Medical Writers' Association (AMWA) since 1995
Completed AMWA's core-curriculum program, 1999
Regional Medical Writers' workshops, Denver, 1995, 1996, 1997, 2000
National Medical Writers' conference, Vancouver, Canada, December 1999
Metabolic Bone Conference, Brown Palace Hotel, Denver, September 1997
National Medical Writers' conference, West Point, New York, May 1997

Selected publications:

Complementary articles (3) on the latest advances in anesthesiology and neuromuscular blockers (Jobson Education, 2005-2006).
On Pins and Needles (concerning use of acupuncture to treat joint bleeding). HemAware Magazine, May 2004.
Scripts and Scripture (on effect of belief systems, such as Christian Science, on hemophilia treatment). HemAware Magazine, June 2004.
The Roots of Fantasy. The Fine Arts Magazine, March 2004. Available at: .
For the Health of it: Preventive Breast Care, available at one point from Albookstross (the publishing entity is since demised).
Aspects of the Cancer/Host Connection, Oriental Medicine 3:2, 12-16, 1994.
The Interaction of Alcohol and Cocaine: A Review, Psychobiology 20(3), 179-184, 1992.