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How Grammar Becomes All Too Visible

In good writing, grammar is invisible.

All too often, grammar errors can be invisible instead. To the writer, that is; to the reader, instead of saying what you mean you carve a question mark. Or worse.

Using grammar or punctuation wrong is like strewing little cluster bombs among your words for readers to navigate at their peril. Their peril is misunderstanding—a violation of your contract with the reader, at which point your contract is in mortal danger (or would be, were it living).

Let us examine some common contretemps. For efficiency (one hopes), I have divided these problems into those concerning punctuation and grammar.

Many are called; choose your poison.

MIA Marks: Do you despise punctuation, deeming its marks confusing and their appearance messy, their use capricious and arbitrary?

Prepare to repent!

Up for Grammars: A short list of writing mistakes that do little to further your reputation as an incandescent genius.